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It’s All About the Wax.

It’s All About the Wax.

When it comes to real estate, if it's all about location, location, location, then when it comes to candles, it's all about the wax, the wax, the wax.  Okay, well, maybe it's not all about the wax, because fragrance, scent, and wick type play their important roles, too. However, the wrong choice of wax can hamper the function of those other pivotal candle components.

Wax type greatly influences the efficiency, the longevity, and the scent throw of a candle. When it comes to efficiency and longevity, we are talking about how a candle burns. The slower and more even a candle burns, the longer the candle lasts and the more you will get out of your candle. 

As a candle lover, nothing is more frustrating than paying a premium price for a luxury candle with a poor and uneven burn pool. You paid a premium price, so you deserve a premium burn pool. It's as simple as that. And a good burn pool ensures that the majority of the candle wax burns evenly, and you will not be left with a candle where a large percentage of the wax remains unburned on either side. Unburned wax equals less burn time for your candle. And because it burns efficiently, provides an even burn pool--which also translates into more of the candle wax being burned--coconut wax is perfect when it comes to avoiding these potential issues.  

Have you ever turned on some of your favorite music, but the volume was too low, and you couldn't hear it that well? When it comes to candles, this is what having a poor scent throw is like. You light your favorite candle, but the scent throw is too low, and you can barely smell the scent the fragrance is giving off. Unfortunately, unlike music, you can't turn up the volume on a candle. A candle with a great scent throw fills the space with scent in a short amount of time. What is the point of having a fragrance give off an incredible and intoxicating scent if you can barely smell it?  Or by the time you smell it, the candle has been lit for over an hour already and it is time to blow it out, as your 'you time' has come to an end? Coconut wax makes sure that your enjoyment of the scent from any fragrance starts shortly after you light the candle. 

After experiencing one of our luxurious scented candles, made with hand-poured coconut wax, we are sure you will come to the same conclusion we did...among other things, it's all about the wax. Enjoy. 
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